Why Cork?

Nature has blessed humanity with a lot of natural raw materials that are being use for thousands of years till this present day. We have learnt how to use some of these materials as food, ornament, jewelries, chemicals, machines, and so many other things we use in our daily lives. Most of their raw forms come in ways in which science has found difficult and almost impossible to fully replicate or synthesize due to their rare structure and composition. One of the most notable of these natural materials is the Cork.

In order to understand this truly incredible material, you first have to understand what is cork. After you realize how unique its qualities are, you might be interested in how is cork harvested.

If you really want to understand how significant cork has been throughout history, you can check out the story of cork. After understanding the past, you can also read what is cork used for today, and why its cultivation is so sustainable and versatile.

After all, some might say it all comes down to money. Here is a glimpse behind the economic side of cork.

We hope you enjoy in this exploration journey of researching this remarkable material, just as we did.