About us

About Us

ReBOTTLE was designed and founded by Shani Almagor in 2016. This is a love story -When I first came to live Portugal in 2013 I was overwhelmed with its beauty. I was absolutely amazed by the wonderful cork oak forest we had on the land, a kind of trees that grow not only leaves and fruits but also an incredibly gorgeous regenerative skin, perfectly fitting endless usages. I fell in love. I started investigating deep into this ancient local tradition and craft: curious about its history, the qualities of the material, the ways in which it is harvested and processed, the people that made it their living and its impact on the local economy. My curiosity lead me to a life changing encounter with Antonio, a local craft-man with a small workshop in his backyard who works with cork for over 30 years and has a lot of experience. We started a designer-maker collaboration. I started experimenting with cork out of pure attraction, fun and playful discovery but my friends’ reactions to our early creations made me realise I wanted to make it available for all to appreciate, utilise and enjoy.

In 2016 ReBOTTLE was born, it is a premium quality stainless-steel, reusable water bottle covered with cork. The cork coating is handcrafted by local artisans using a natural eco-friendly local resource, re-embracing tradition and quality with a beautiful and practical design that is hip and fashionable.



A sustainable life is all about mutual support and harmony, it’s about conscious awareness of the impact we make on our environment.

A sustainable business is one that sustains the livelihood of its owners, provides fair working conditions for those who need it, avoid harm and aspires to make good. A business that should evolve in a conscious and organic way, placing sustainable principles before profit or growth.


As for ReBOTTLE, I made it my mission to encourage the reduction of using toxic, single use plastic articles and offer instead durable reusable alternatives that leave minimal ecological footprint while helping encourage local economy here in Portugal.

I design and create useful, practical, functional unique and original designs for a better, healthier and cleaner planet while improving our own lifestyle.



I care to contribute to the local economy and to the preservation of traditional skills and knowledge, by using local traditional materials and techniques in a modern unique design. Our products are handcrafted by local artisans.

We are giving back - We are planting trees where trees can have the most beneficial impact, by bringing Nature to urban places we connect the world to nature and creating a better and greener tomorrow, we provide education for students and communities about the role of trees in the environment and we share knowledge about the importance of cork oak forest and desertification.

We aspire to help and support the Regeneration of cork oak forest that is preventing desertification and wildfires in Portugal. Buying products that are made from natural cork helps to keep cork forests alive. We'd love for you to join us!